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What is the camera life for these cameras (not battery life)?

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Jahlila Aspirant



What is the camera life of these cameras? Not the battery life, but the camera life. We've had ours maybe two years and now they tell me my camera is dead. Im just not sure how that can be. It just sits there. I understand the batteries die but the camera? I am trying to live chat with someone and no one answers. Just trying to send an email which seems impossible on their website. Ive talked to two different representatives on the phone, both were supposed to call me back at a set time and both did not call. I called twice and waiting for half hour each time to get through.


Do the cameras die every couple years and you need to re buy?


Thank you, im super frustrated didn't know who else to ask.

Guru jguerdat Guru

Electronics fail all the time. I have cameras several years old that work fine. What have you tried to see if it's really dead?

Jahlila Aspirant

Our camera is not even two years old. It sits inside a yoga studio so its not outside in any kind of weather. We barely even touch it. i can't imagine why it wouldn't work after just two years.


I spent hours on the phone with arlo, it was super frustrating. I honestly think they just gave up and told me the camera was dead. It started with constantly saying it was offline, we changed batteries, we changed channels we use through ATT, we re-synced, restarted etc etc and then they just told me camera was dead. The most frustrating part is i can't voice this to anyone at arlo, the peopel that helped me just said thats it and conversation over. on the website there is no one to email or discuss this with etc.


ugh, thank you

Guru StephenB Guru

Of course they might well be correct.


What symptoms are you seeing?  Was the blue light flashing when you powered it up?


Also what camera model is it?

Jahlila Aspirant

I spent about ten minutes with arlo chat today and the camera is working fine. Good thing I didn't go buy a new one like the support team suggested yesterday. ugh