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VMC3030 - firmware not updating and S4 screen not showing live camera view

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Hello all - this relates to a "firmware" update that isn't coming across (current firmware is 1.2.2688).   After rougly 10 attempts to update my camera, each time supposedly to take 5 minutes, there has been no change.


The lack of the update is actually (as far as I'm concerned) the secondary issue.   I'm accessing Arlo with my Samsung S4 and whenever I try to watch the "live" video feed it won't let me  -- that part of the screen is blocked off entirely in green (with text noting that I can update my firmware).   Accessing the library is fine, after clicking another button, but my front door doesn't have a peephole or other window, so I'm relying on Arlo to check who is at the door in real-time . . . and because of the annoying coverage about the update (which doesn't go away) I have no ability to access the live camera view.


Ideally I can get the firmware "pushed" to me soon, and presumably the other issue will go away.   Thanks for your thoughts.

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I have one camera that connects via my R7000 router instead of the base which uses that version of camera firmware since the beta firmware on the router is old and the camera stays in sync with the router's version. What version base firmware do you have?


Make sure the batteries are fresh in the camera since that can cause the camera to not update. I don't know that it will help but maybe removing the camera in Settings, My Devices and resyncing it would work. Remember that the updates happen overnight (I've had only limited success in trying to manually force an update).