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VMB3000 base station is offline

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I get this message on my IOS app: "Your base station is offline   Check if it is powered up and connected to the internet."  I've seen similar post earlier this year pointing that this seems to be the internet service provider problem. Seems Arlo has some responsibility to prevent this somehow. Somebody help?



The first thing I would try is to power cycle your base. Sometimes, especially after an firmware update, the base gets confused. By unplugging from the power source for 30 seconds or so then reapplying power this will cause the base to reboot.  This has worked for me several times. If that doesn't work, log in to your account on a computer and see if the app and the computer are in sync. Thirdly, log out of your mobile app and log back in.




I bought this on Amazon:

Arlo Security System by NETGEAR - 2 Wire-Free HD Cameras, Indoor/Outdoor, Night Vision (VMS3230) - Old Version, Works with Alexa

The model number says VMS3230 but I don't know specifically which base station model it came with.


Anyway, my problem is that the base station frequently (1-3 times a month) goes offline and I have to manually power cycle it. It simply comes right back online after I turn it off, wait a few seconds, and turn it on. The cameras synch up in about 1-2 minutes.


My question is, why is it 'randomly' turning off?


My building does have electrical outages every now and then, and the wifi connection is not great. But generally when it is working, it's good enough to get med/high quality images. 


I am buying a battery backup to eliminate the power issue. But even if it is a power connectivity issue,  why can I simply reboot it an it works fine? I would think the hardware could do that itself.


I actually got robbed this morning and Arlo had been off for 11 days without me knowing.  The BIG reason I bought this was for days like today and it failed me.  Is it possible to use ARLO cameras successfully for security? How can I get around this huge issue? Can I even get notified if the cameras stop working so I at least can phyiscally go and reboot the base station?


Thanks for any help!



I have a second wifi router for my xfinity security. I plugged in to it and rebooted and the internet light turned on. Not sure why the first router no longer accepted the base station. It’s not broke cuz other devices work on it. Wierd. I had to remove the base station and let it be rediscovered. All is good for now.