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Range extending ... clear as mud ...

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Okay I have two ARLO base stations. & want to use one to extend the range to my ARLO cameras around the property.

One is the older flat stand up via a lip design with no siren - we will call that BASE1.

The second base station is the newer design & has the siren - we will call that BASE2.

My main router has WiFi - so cable comes into the property from the provider, into the router that then transmits WiFi.

BASE2 is connected to my Wi-fi router by a LAN cable & was the one I used to set up my account & cameras.
All working - but two cameras have a low signal.

I have a WiFi range extender nearer these cameras on the other side of the property. This range extender was setup to transmit the same WiFi name & uses the same password as the man one. It also has a socket for a LAN cable.

How the #%^*ing hell do I setup BASE1 to plug into the WiFi extender using the LAN cable so it will extend the range? Three hours later with GOOGLE is not helpful !!!

I’ve seen all the videos & pictures already out there, I’ve seen mentioned connecting a second hub under the same account - but no instructions what to do with that hub or set it up to extend the range!?
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It should be as easy as plugging the base (base1) into the extender. You should get green power and Internet LEDs which then allows you to claim the base through use of the Add Device selection on the Devices screen. Is that what you've been doing? Tell us what you've tried and what you see.


Once the base is on your account, remove the two cameras from base2 and sync them with base1.

BASE1 was factory reset and plugged into the extender with the cable. It was then switched on and all the lights are currently on and green.

When using add devices then, which one should I be using to register this second hub then?
Or are you saying plugging it in as I have is enough but that I need to re-add the cameras using BASE1 pressing it’s sync. button.
Seems a bit rediculous that as all the cameras are working on BASE2 why isn’t this being extended to BASE1 already?

I don’t want to be using two different accounts here or having to log into two separate hubs.
All I’m trying to do is extend the ARLO WiFi range for the two other cameras which currently are at one bar of strength!
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The base doesn't extend the camera network, it just brings a base closer to the affected cameras. That's why you remove the cameras from one base and sync them to another.


The number of bases doesn't matter, it's just the total number of cameras. Since you're just shifting cameras from one base to another, there's no change at all.


Okay ... this is still isn't working & quite why ARLO make things so complicated with range extending compared to other wifi products is beyond me. I am fairly literate computer & wifi wise but this is ... frustrating.


Okay ... I'll start again with how things are currently so ignore my first post in this thread :

BASE ONE - is a VMB4000 base station - this is linked via cable to my main wifi router.

BASE TWO - is a VMB3000 base station - this is linked to a wifi-extender via a cable.

ARLO CAMERAS - all first generation ones; ie. Arlo cameras.

I completely started from scratch when I got the VMB4000 making this the main base station.

All my Arlo cameras are linked to this base station - the VMB4000.


I had factory reset BASE TWO & this was then connected to the wifi-extender with a cable, plugged in switched on & shows under my devices - even though its the wrong picture. See PIC A attached.

All I can do when I select BASE TWO is change its name, it does not offer me any other options unlike when I look at BASE ONE.


No matter what I try, I cannot get my ARLO cameras that are suffering to sync with BASE TWO, they will only sync with BASE ONE.


BASE TWO is not improving coverage for those cameras that are struggling.


Can someone literally give me a step by step guide to setting this whole thing up using the second base station to extend the range. What I have to do with BASE 1 to get BASE 2 sync'd or joined properly. Then again how to get the cameras that are suffering to link to BASE 2 & not BASE 1 which I seem to have no control of.


For information :

  • I can sync the cameras without any problem to BASE 1.
  • Do I need to somehow sync & install BASE2 to BASE1 somehow -  & how?
  • Once BASE 2 is working how do I sync my Arlo cameras to that?
  • I cannot move the location of BASE 1 due to the twists, turns etc. in the appartment.
  • I do not want to use two separate Arlo accounts for each base station.
  • I have five Arlo cameras.

Is it a case of BASE TWO is not compatable as an extra base station to extend the range?

Do I need to use the VBM 3000 as the main base station & the VBM4000 as the extended one linked to the wifi-extender?


I am using the iPhone App when setting up & syncing the cameras.


Someone, please someone just give me the idiots guide as this is not out there in GOOGLE land on how to setup this second base station linked to the first!

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You simply remove the desired cameras from base1 in Settings, My Devices, your cameras and the sync them normally with base2.

But they won’t sync with BASE 2 - this is what I’m saying!

I press the sync buttons on both BASE 2 & the camera & they won’t sync!

I can’t sync through the app. as it doesn’t recognise BASE 2 only in my devices, so only will sync with BASE 1.
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I think I get it now - sorry for being slow. From your picture A above when you restated your issue, it shows two bases labeled ONE and TWO. Two isn't a base - it's the siren for the Pro base. It's there so you can relable it to something that makes sense to you if you have multiple bases with sirens. That's all it is.


You need to claim the VMB3000 using the Add Device selection in the Devices tab. Once you do that, remove the appropriate cameras from the VMB4000 and sync them to the 3000.


Please tell me I understand now...


Yep, sounds like we are getting there & that makes sense.
Okay so the problem I am having is getting VMB3000 to register.


I'm using the app, so going to :

  1. Add New Device
  2. Going to base station.
  3. Following the instructions so plugging in the ethernet cable from the wifi-extender.
  4. Plugging in the AC adapter.
  5. It then goes to the discovering phase & finds nothing.


I've reset the base station, done it in all types of ways but still can't get it to register?

Even tried to the Mobile Router Base Station ...


What am I doing wrong?

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What are the LEDs on the 3000 showing when it boots up on the extender? If power and Internet aren't green, it's not going to work. If the Internet LED is amber, it has an IP address from your router but no access to the servers. Off means it's not even talking to the router. You can try plugging the base into your router temporarily to see if you can claim it there and then try moving it to the extender.