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Re: Permanent low battery status?

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I have a regular Arlo camera above my garage, pretty high up (installed by previous homeowner). Because it's so tough to get to, changing batteries is a pain. So I got a cord on Amazon that I run through the window, which allows me to plug my regular Arlo camera into an outlet inside.

The problem is that the arlo app doesn't seem to know how to interpret this. The "battery" is constantly at 12%, and even though it never rises or falls from there, the app says "It's time to change your batteries" and won't let me actually look at any video. I feel like if I could dismiss or disable this message, it would work fine because it is actually getting power, but I can't figure out how to do that. I've tried resetting the base, btw. Any ideas?

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Obv it's a third party ac adapter.... the original Arlo HD used 2 sets of 123 cells in parallel ( or 6.4v )


If the unit is not wire properly, then you get the results you have... all the contact ( both sets ) need to see voltage.


As to fixing, not much to be done with your unit except make sure you close the battery door properly so all contacts are made... or send it back.


There are still old threads here that show how it's done tho Arlo does not recommend it... also u tube vids.


PS... note that powering thru the usb port does not work any longer TMK


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