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Multiple on/off settings on the schedule

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jaldrova Follower

Can I set up 2 on/off schedules on a given day?  ex. 12am(on)-5am(off) and then 8am(on)-4pm(off)


If I try and drag a new on icon, it merges with the other one.



Guru jguerdat Guru

I suspect you need to first set an on period (12 AM - 5 AM, per your example), then an off period of 5:01 AM - 7:59 AM, then another on period (8 AM - 4 PM) finally followed by an off period of 8:01 PM - 11:59 PM.  Basically, fill the entire day's schedule rather than just with on periods.

Guru TomMac Guru

yes.. J has it right... drag the new ON sched to the bottom of the day and then adjust up making the OFF area smaller.

Then add a second OFF mode at the bottom again and adjust for time wanted on second ON  ( on PC )


The IOS app does make it a bit simpler for setting times

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