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Motion detection with nothing there to see.

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This is an example of the kinds of video that plaqued me. 15 in a row, just a minute or two apart until I finally had to shut off the camera. It wouldn't do it at night. Just during the daylight. It wasn't seeing motion, but something set it off like this. Just the bright flash at the very first, then 9 seconds of nothing.  It couldn't be passing traffic, I don't get vehicles that often on that road. If I turned motion detection down, then I could literally walk around that car it was supposed to be watching. Any ideas? I'm taking them back to Costco and I'm not sure if I'll try again or not. Video Example


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Do you have another camera that you can try in the same position?

Alternatively change the location of this camera and see if the problem continues.

Have you tried resetting the camera by removing and replacing the battery?

What about restarting the base?

Mine do this when the sun moved from behind a cloud and cast light onto the area the camera is viewing, it is sensing the change in heat as far as I know. You just need to create a a custom day mode, I created a custom day and night mode to fix the issues.
Try lowering the motion sensitivity on the camera that is giving false readings. You will be prompted to do this when you create your custom modes. I raised the motion sensitivity on my night mode to 90-98% as the range is drastically smaller at night.