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Motion detection non existent/ intermittent base station and cameras offline, no warranty

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Ok, I'm having the same issues that probably thousands of others have had. I've removed devices, resynced, adjusted activity zones, even went as far as re-subscribing to see if this security system will work while I'm throwing money at it... Nothing. I'm left with 2 cameras that detect motion, but won't record... And the other might as well be a paper weight. I'm almost a year passed my warranty for this system, and I can't help but think I must do everything I can to tell people do not buy this crap, stop don't even consider it it. The owners/ inventors got rich right off rip and said good luck with this bug filled hardware and software but sure we'll still take your money!! Arlo, fix my systems issues or continue riding that downslope to bankruptcy! 👌


I’ve had an Arlo Wirefree system since 2016 and it worked fairly well for the first few years, but as Arlo has introduced newer products to performance of my system has gradually degraded to the point of uselessness.  The Arlo app cannot handle if you use it on more than one device, and often takes several minutes after logging in before it displays the correct system status (often saying that the base station is Offline, when in fact it is not).  
Although my network has always been very fast for both uploads and downloads, where the saved videos quality used to be pretty decent, these days the first 1-2 seconds have motion, but the rest of the video are frozen.  Also recently I frequently receive a notification that motion was detected on one of my cameras but when I check on the Arlo app, no video was recorded.  It seems that every time I get an email from Arlo about some new Arlo security products, the more useless my Arlo system becomes.

 I also have a Ring video doorbell since 2018, which had worked perfectly on the exact same network.  Arlo should look at the Ring app to see what a user friendly and usable app looks like. 
I’ve spent a lot of time with Arlo support to help them understand how their older products are suffering as newer products are introduced, but I think it is falling on deaf ears.

That said, I will never purchase or recommend another Arlo or Netgear product, based on my experiences with them.


Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station