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Motion Detectors, Range Extenders, Security, Zones

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-Stand-Alone Motion Sensors &
Detectors That Directly Connect To
Cameras, NOT The Base.
-Arlo Pro Camera Network Bridge
-Cameras Can Connect To Different
WiFi Networks as well as base.
-Locking Exterior Camera Mounts
-Custom Zones Allowing Areas To Be
Excluded From Motion Detection
Like Streets Or Neighbors Driveways.
-Wired Exterior Camera System That
Pairs With Wire-Free System To Allow
For More Options, Such As
Triggering Wire-Free Camera Upon
Wired Camera Motion Detection,
Higher Resolution, 24hr Recording,
Remote Viewing, Multi-System
Viewing From Single App, PTZ (Pan,
Tilt, Zoom), etc.

A network bridge that cameras connect to that extends the signal from the base in order to maintain best picture quality and maximum distance. The cameras that are farther from base but still maintain a 2 bar signal take longer to connect and have more pixelized, cloudy, and blurry picture especially at night.

A feature that allows each individual camera to be connected to not only just the main base, but a separate internet connection as well. I have a Wi-Fi Extender from Netgear that covers the back side of my house while a modem/router covers front where my base is. If we could connect back yard cameras to network extender to help the connection I would achieve the faster connection time and clearer picture without the need of additional bridge.

Secure exterior mounts that have some type of locking mechanism. Although the camera will trigger with motion if someone tries to steal it, we can't or don't always check footage right away. Due to the lack of distance in motion detection, the cameras need to be fairly low to allow for the best range which in turn leaves them vulnerable to theft.

Best & Last: Stand-alone motion sensors that can be put throughout property that help expand cameras range of detection. This would not only help with range of detection but also help with the amount of time it takes for cameras to start as it would be detecting the motion sooner if strategically placed. If these connect directly to cameras only, not the base, it would allow for full property detection coverage, reaching areas currently too far from base.
Master Master

You can use your range extender and additional base stations to get better signals to your cameras. There's no limit to the number of base stations you can use.
The pending Arlo Security Light can be used as a sensor to trigger the cameras before the camera detects the motion.
Higher resolution, motion zones, 24/7 recording (CVR) are available to the Arlo Pro 2 with AC power.
Not likely to have programmers coding the app to work with PTZ cameras when Arlo don't make one. Maybe ask your PTZ camera app maker to allow Arlo cameras to be displayed in their app


I did not know that about the base stations, I thought I needed to pay for monthly plan if I added any additional ones. 


The Spotlight still has to be connected to a base/bridge though from what I understand so reaching the perimeter of yard, I'm guessing, will still be off limits.


I only have the original Arlo Pro as of now and from what I read, those features can only be used if the Pro 2 is plugged into a wall outlet, so not with solar panel, which completely defeats the Wire free factor that most people are buying Arlo products for. Also CVR is a monthly bill on top of over $200 per camera, they should really pick one or the other. Fairly expensive products or monthly service charge. For $1000 I can 8+ cameras, 4k, CVR, and 1TB+ of storage on a wired system rather than installing exterior outlets near cameras to plug them in for extra features, 1080p, 7 day storage, only 6 cameras and a monthly bill for each CVR camera and additional for having over 5 cameras.


As for PTZ, my hopes are that Arlo will start making them, not that I want to use them with my Arlo app. I want to see Arlo make a wired system with features like PTZ, etc that also works with my wire-free cameras to offset the lack of features by needing battery powered cameras in certain areas. Wider view by placing wired cameras higher and using wire-free cameras or spotlights or stand-alone sensors to detect motion as well as cover blind spots and areas without outlets or access through exterior walls, stuff like that. 


I rent an apartment so running a wired system isn't really an option unless I go out windows not through walls. I would like to see Arlo offer products that fit the needs of people like me, cornering the market by filling a void that no other company has yet. It's only a matter of time before someone does and I'd rather see it be a company I like. Great way to kick things off as they separate from Netgear as well.