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Low Battery and sync problem

I got a message to change my batteries out on one camera. Changed out the batteries with new batteries, could not get camera to refresh.Removed the camera from the list and tried to sync it back to base station and keep getting fast flashing light. Attempted 3 times and no sync. Turned off base station and rebooted it and still no sync. Took batteries out of camera over night and installed back in and still can not sync camera.Green light does blink, then goes into a fast blinking orange light.

Does anyone have any good suggestions ?

Model: VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera
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Re: Low Battery and sync problem

Seems like your batteries are no good. The flashing orange lights are an indication of low batteries. Try putting a new set in and resyncing

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Re: Low Battery and sync problem

Low battery indication is a slow blinking amber LED, not fast.


It seems you've done all you can - replacing batteries, restarting the base and removing/resyncing the camera.  It might be worth one more attempt before contacting support - power cycle the base, remove the camera from Settings, My Devices again and sync again.  The sequence may be important.  If that doesn't work, open a case using the Contact Support link at the bottom of the desktop version of these pages.

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Re: Low Battery and sync problem

Thanks for the advice on the low batteries, but just got a fresh pack off amazon. Also took a battery checker and checked the old batteries, 2 out of 4 was dead and the 2 others had a little to raise the needle up. The new fresh batteries pegged out the needle and were ok. Also did the remove hte camera from the settings and still couldn't get it to sync. Going to try one more option, unplug the base station and let it stay off for a few minutes and then plug up, put new batteries in the camera and do the sync up like if it came out of the box. Then it does not work, will callfor support.. Thanks David

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