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Lost 80% Battery Life In First Hour ! New Product !

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Purchased the Arlo Wire Free 3 camera system from Amazon yesterday. Nice easy setup, 99% battery on all cameras, 2 hours later, cameras are at 20%, 19% and 18%.

Settings are on optimised which I’ve now changed to best with less video quality.

If this is how the product is going to be, I think I should return it to Amazon.

I’ve ordered 10 new batteries but can’t sustain that performance.

All cams are outside. Temp here in the UK was around 2 degrees Celsius

Help !

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This could be for a wide variety of reasons. First, when inserting the batteries, don't push them down. Let the battery door do the pushing. Next, battery life is strongly affected by the amoutn of recording and live viewing you do. Spec battery life is for <5 minutes per day - have you been recording and/or watching live video a ton? ANother possibility is signal strength and quality between the base and camera. Since it seems to be all cameras that are affected, there could be something near the base that also uses the 2.4GHz band like Arlo. Interference causes the cameras to struggle to keep the connection. How far from the base are the cameras? What is the house construction?


You can also consider quality rechargeable batteries although the recommended Tenergy sets seem to not be available in the UK. Maybe someone else will chime in with suggested batteries but they should be in the 600-800mAH range and have built-in protection for over-charging and -current.