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Latest Firmware Listing

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I just purchased an Arlo single camera system today.  I've installed and setup according to instructions.  I am having motion detector issues, as it seems most of the community is, and I'm trying to determine if I have the latest firmware installed on Base and Camera.  Surely there MUST be a location on this website that lists the most current firmware.  It shouldn't be this difficult to locate this information on a product support page.  Todays date is 08 July 2015 and I currently have version 1.3.2078 on the Base, and version 1.1.2074 on the Camera unit.  I followed all instructions and have the system setup for auto updates and have re-booted twice.  Do I have the latest fimware loaded on this system?  Please post an area where your customers can check on what the lastest firmware versions are.  My appologies if there already is one...I can't seem to find it anywhere...there shouldn't be an issue with this....????????

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It would be nice to have a permanent place for notification of latest firmware but the forum is already abuzz with such notifications.  Currently, the base station firmware is 1.4.2695 (recently updated) and the camera firmware is 1.2.2688 (also recently updated). 


Make sure you base is set to auto-update (settings, base station settings and check the slider to ensure it's on - toggle it if you like).  Cameras generally update when the battery door is opened and closed but everything updates automatically overnight (might take a day or two).  Be patient and check in the morning.

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Hello gcpeirce, 



According to our data center report, your base station and camera(s) have the latest firmware already installed (1.4.2695). If you want to check for the release notes on our firmware updates, you can click this link. We will be posting the release notes for the latest firmware update soon. 






Arlo Team


Netgear Community Team