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KAV blocked login? Need exceptions into their antivirus to use their web service.

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I ve recently had to contact the support 3 times until I finally got the right agent that told me that KAV could block the login and it did.

I havent had this in a while.... lets say at all ...for the past 10 years and I am using a lot website where I log in.


I suggest to revise the login process of arlo via web because in todays world it is not common anymore that customers need to add exceptions into their antivirus in order to use a web service.


Dont you agree?

So I suppose there is a certain method you use to login or code that isnt so clean as should be.

I do not believe that KAV has blacklisted arlo and login should also work with kav privacy proctection on. every other page works even those with 2fa.


I am glad 2fa is there finally for everybody on arlo but please improve this little login failure too. I cant say for sure but a friend might have returned his system due to this error and he didnt have the right agent who could tell him the solution.

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Aspirant as seen I am not the first nor the last to experience this problem

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Isn't that something for Kaspersky to fix?


Have you asked them?



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A login process which is blocked by an antivirus program no matter which one is always to be checked by the process implementer not by the customer if you see it from an IT view.

if you see it from a marketing view as well you cannot leave your customers hanging by telling them go find another antivirus. If you really care about your product and about your customers then you take this in your own hands and solve the problem by figuring out what makes kav block this function. It is not the user no the customer who need to worry about this. The idea is to improve Arlo product and reduce support calls by simply making this thing work without questions asked. I am not talking about  a unknown software but more likely about one if the top antivirus software on the market.

If you think you can afford to be lazy nowadays as a service provider then your answer is correct. I am writing here to get help. I am writing because I believe in improvement and in those who agree with me. Do not consider this as a complain but as a customer who believes in Arlos continuous improvements.

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A login process which is blocked by an antivirus program ...


Technically, Kaspersky is acting as an internet security package, and not as antivirus.



... is always to be checked by the process implementer not by the customer if you see it from an IT view.


No one is saying it needs to be fixed by the customer.  But Kaspersky can block anything they want for any reason (including simply blacklisting a website).  There are quite of few reports out there of Kaspersky blocking stuff that they shouldn't. 


Perhaps Arlo could work around it, but they couldn't guarantee that Kaspersky wouldn't break again the next time they update.


Ideally the two companies would work together on it.  Reporting it to Kasperksy might help facilitate that.  They might also be able to give some clarity as to why they are blocking it.