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Just changed battery last month but doesn't last that long...

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Bomberboybrad Initiate

Just changed all my batteries in the last month, using them occasionally to check for alerts and taking note of battery life these days as I had always wondered was it my imagination or a product problem.


I am certain now there’s an issue with Arlo.  4 cameras with full batteries just days ago and WHAM, all of a sudden I couldn’t see any online except one bleeding to red bar low battery warning.


What is up Arlo?  This is not good.  Your consumers are suffering!

Bomberboybrad Initiate

New batteries 12 hours ago.  Flat now.  Other 2 camera with changed batteries on same system operating fine.   

Guru StephenB Guru

@Bomberboybrad wrote:

New batteries 12 hours ago.  Flat now.   

Are you seeing lost connection issues with this camera?

Santaself Initiate
Getting same issue. The batteries were at 75% this morning now there at 3%. This isn't the first time this has happened. Only had arlo for 6 months and already on my 5th set of batteries. Duracell as well. The battery drain can be consistent maybe 1%every day and then boom there flat. This is with minimal use. It may activate 4times a night to keep an eye on the puppy then there off during the day.
Camera version 1.3.319 Hardware H7.
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JessicaP Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Hey Santaself,


If you're having problems where your battery keeps draining often, try reading this article to see how to extend the battery life: How can I extend my Arlo camera's battery life?

arcyhawks Aspirant

Did you ever find a solution?  I have tried everything suggested and now just not using them because it doesn't work.  

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JessicaP Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Hey arcyhawks,


What troubleshooting steps have you tried out? Have you tried using the link shown above on how to extend your camera's battery life?

2Goldens Aspirant

I had the same problem last night. All of a sudden all cameras were offline. At first I thought it was an internet connectivity issue but not. When I first installed the system I was impressed with how long the batteries lasted. Depending on the cameras activity level they would last 3 yo 4 months. Now all of a sudden I'm lucky to get a month. And why would the batteries in all 5 die on the same day. I check my app Friday and didn't notice any of the camera batteries below 75% and BAM they all went offline sometime between Saturday and Sunday. At first I thought someone had broken into my office so I drove a half hour to check. Nope, all was good. And there wasn't activity in the office all weekend so the cameras shouldn't have been triggered. I cant afford this system if I have to buy 20 of these expensive batteries a month!

JessicaP Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Hi 2Goldens,


Have you tried rebooting/power cycling your Base Station tomorrow to see if that helps?