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I Can No Longer Connect To A Live Stream On Any Of My Cameras

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SatDoug Aspirant

I have (3) Arlo (original- gen 1) cameras w/base station and have had them for a bit over two years. For the most part they have been working flawlessly. Recently (within the last two weeks---late April), I have begun to have connection problems when attempting to view a live stream.

Let me point out that except for this issue, there are no other issues regardless of the way I connect to view the cameras (I get notifications, can view prior events, etc.).

The problem is that when clicking on one of the three cameras, it will either time out (and then the picture refreshes to a snapshot of what I should have just seen live had it connected), or it will (sometimes after doing this a few times) say the camera has been disconnected from the base station (thus requiring a manual re-boot). Basically I can no longer click on any camera and get a live feed.

This exists in any OS (iOS or Windows) and any browser. All firmware is current (as far as I can tell), all systems/apps are updated; I have tried multiple reboots of my router, base station and cameras, along with fresh batteries. Nothing has changed on my end- same router, same cable-provided internet (with no throttling going on), no settings have changed, and I have not had a problem with anything else connected to my network. Same 2-3 bar signal strength. Nothing moved from their original locations (cams/base station/router). I should also point out that this problem is non-network specific---it exists in my home network as well as on outside networks, such as at work (where, again, prior to the last two weeks I have had no problem).

Open to suggestions! Thanks!

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ShayneS Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Hi @SatDoug


When you mentioned it exists on an outside network, do you mean mobile data? 

SatDoug Aspirant

Hello ShayneS-


Yes..I mean either external WiFi, such as my network at work, as well as cellular data.


Note that yesterday while checking the base hub, I had to move it to another shelf about 1 foot away. I didn't put it back next to my router (5 inches away) (where it lived since I first got it). 


Well, you guessed it. It is working now. Very weird.

ShayneS Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator



That is great news. Let me know if anything changes or if you have further questions.