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How to reconnect cameras if they lose connection?

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georaldc Tutor
I was making some changes to my asus router which caused my wifi network to go down temporarily. This obviously also affected my Arlo cameras since the base station is connected to this router. What I noticed is this brought all my cameras down ("This arlo device is offline" message) and they never went back online. The only way to get them back online was to power cycle the cameras by removing and putting back the batteries. Is this really the only way to reconnect the cameras? Do they not attempt to reconnect on their own?
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Guru TomMac Guru

If the base goes down, the cameras will try to re-connnect for a time ... after a while they stop trying and end up off line

The amount of time isn't that brief to my knowledge.


But, yes if they d go off, the only way is to resync or pull battery / replace at which time they auto resync

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Guru jguerdat Guru

It's also worth noting that your WiFi has nothing to do with Arlo since the base connects via the Ethernet cable and the cameras only connect to the base. If you mean the whole router was wonky, that's different since the connection to the servers is needed.