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Getting messages saying Arlo is not connected to the internet.

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Ever since I questioned why 1 of my 3 cameras has the pink tint on it.......and got a negative response back ftom one of Arlo's support personal asking me if I was just whinning........and I fired back what a smartass he is....... my cameras are dis-arming and arming themselves at their own will and I am also getting alerts telling me that Arlo is not connected to the internet every so often, yet I can go to my app and look at my property thru the cameras "live" option, which proves to me that I am connected to the internet, yet the message about not being connected message will not leave my android unless I restart it..........I am wondering if the support personal has the capability of arming or dis-arming my cameras from their end or if something else us going on with my cameras and router ??
I have reboted the router, signed out and in, nothing works ?
Just wondering if Mr. Smartass is messing with my set up ? Is it possible ??
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If in doubt, change your password 



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