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Fix camera sync issues. Goes out of sync every week. Cameras are within range of Base Station.

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I would like to suggest an improvement to arlo wireless camera’s because of a recurring problem im having with my camera’s. Im constantly dealing with camera’s going out of sync. At least one or two of my eight camera’s goes out of sync every week, at least. This is a big problem because it could cause you to miss a vital clip of video. And if your gone away on a trip and this happen’s there’s nothing i can do to fix it until i get back. So i would like to suggest making arlo camera’s that autosync or enable the owner to sync the camera’s remotely. As far as i know this can’t be done presently. If im wrong could someone please let me know how to do this. This is a big problem for me with these camera’s constantly going out of sync. I don’t know why this happens. The camera’s are well within range of the base station.




Andy K.        PA

Guru Guru

First if you lose sync from a camera to base, there is nothing to be done remotely.


But the issue is really why they lose sync.  Most of the time it is due to a poor signal or interference from the base to camera ( other than batteries going out ).  Is there any pattern to the loss of sync? are they the same cameras?

If so, Try swapping them around to see if the issue continues.


Also the only true way to expand coverage ( when using a base ) is multi bases so the cameras can get a good signal where ever they are placed.  There is no fee for extra bases.

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