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Firmware will not update

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The firmware on my camera will not update. I getting two alternating error messages. 1) the update timeout or 2) camera refused update. I have tried changing the batteries (twice), resetting the base and resyncing camera, removing the camera from the account and re-adding to account, bringing the camera inside putting it next to the base hoping it would update on its own overnight, and even trying the update from my laptop as opposed to using the app, to no avail. The camera has been sitting next to the base for 4 days and have yet to update. I've checked my internet speed on both speed net and AT&T and both are showing to be fine. The camera still detects motion (although I don't know what on earth is moving in that room at 3 a.m., especially since the camera is pointed towards my printer and Lord knows I don't want to know), but when I try to view the footage I get the update your firmware message. Somebody, anybody, please help.  

Guru Guru

You can see any recorded video in the library which isn't blocked by the update message.  As for the camera, opena case with support here as it may be a faulty camera. I would also restart the base just to be sure that isn't the reason for the failure.