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Cannot connect base station

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janinec Follower

i have done everything on the discussion boards to reconnect my base station. I now cannot even reset my base station now and this is extremely frustrating. This system has been horrible since my purchase of it in August 2016, unfortunately, I do not have the receipt to return this product. From this site, it appears this seems to be a problem with this base station. 


How can I factory reset my base station, that button isn't even working. Can you recover my base station on your system for my account. All greens lights say all connected, including camera, but does not show up on my account. What am I supposed to do at this point? Besides throw this system in the garbage. Please do not tell me to check cable, turn on off, press reset , etc etc. I need a better answer and would appreciate someone responding.

Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station
Guru jguerdat Guru

To do a reset, press the reset button by itself for 10 seconds or so, until the LEDs flash amber. While waiting for it to reboot, remove all devices in Settings, My Devices. Then use the Add Device button on the Devices tab to add the base and sync the cameras.


Start with just resetting the base. Does the above help at all? If not, what do you see?

jcwrks Luminary

Assuming you have done the reset correctly - you could always open a ticket with Netgear to get the item replaced since it is under warranty. Some credit cards offer a free extended warranty as well, so keep that in mind even after the standard 1 yr. warranty expires.

Brenbeauchamp Aspirant
I cannot get my base station to reset and I cannot find it on my add devices- it appears the cameras are connected to it- but I can't connect to it. When I press the reset and sync button at the same time- nothing flashes amber. When I press the reset button alone nothing flashes amber- these cameras don't appear to work! I am returning them to Best Buy along with my comments regarding you lack of customer service- since your customer service doesn't appear to work either! I've reached out on Facebook attempted to call the customer service number that's disconnected... and now I'm messaging here.
I'm sure it would be a simple fix and easy save if Netgear invested money in supporting the customers who purchased their products!
jcwrks Luminary

** Sorry....I thought you were the OP. The number below is for Arlo US support.


Arlo support: (408) 638-3750

Guru jguerdat Guru
Reset only uses the reset button. Also, removing the base from Settings, My Devices will reset the base.

Support has always been available using the Contact Support link at the bottom of the desktop version of these pages.