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Camera position moved from door position without any evidence of movement?

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Monroemelinda9 Aspirant

Yesterday I had a camera that I had aimed at my door somehow mysteriously move position so it was pointed at the ground and did not catch any of the interactions of a sales team that came to my house. There is no evidence of the camera moving it did not record anything from 9 AM to 5:33PM it was maybe erased? Can anyone tell me how this happened?

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Monroemelinda9 Aspirant

How did they even know I had a camera? Did they have to have someone on the inside? they would have had to sneak up behind one camera to move it but I’m sure I would have seen it move also they couldn’t have found the camera without walking up to the house but that was never on camera

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Guru TomMac Guru

Was it a magnetic mount ?


I had a bird land on one and it moved downwards... changed it to a fixed mount.

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