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Battery connectors broke off on Arlo Wire-Free camera; any tips on how to repair them? See picture.

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In the camera battery compartment, the flexible (copper?) connector pieces that make contact with the batteries had gotten pushed down and the camera wasn't working. On trying to bend them back out again, they broke off. Seems like it'd be an easy fix to add some metal stripping in there to make the connection complete, but not sure what kind of metal I should use. 

Any tips? IMG_3780.jpg

Model: VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera
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I would try to see if it's possible to solder a small ball into the contact area ( watch the magnets as they can pull iron ) and then put spring onto the area ( even tin foil will work ) as long as sure of no shorting of elec power.

It's not going to be easy!


And/or may be a good time to convert the camera over to fully ac with a 6v transformer to power all the time ( swap cams around if need some wireless.


Or, maybe time to upgrade to a Pro/Pro2 cam which can be used on the same base

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