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Base station is Offline

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LTMe Aspirant

The Arlo app indicates the base station is offline.  Is it possible to restart the base station remotely?

Guru jguerdat Guru

Not if the app shows it as offline - the Restart  button won't show. You can try logging out and back in as well as using a web browser to to see if either of those work. Otherwise, someone will have to physically turn the base off and back on.


For future issues, it may be useful to plug the base into a WiFi switch such as a WeMo so you can remotely turn power off and on.

LTMe Aspirant

Thank you. I have ordered a WeMo switch. Hope it works. I don't understand why the functionality to reset the base station is not engineered into the app.


so disappointed with Arlo, Lack of Arlo LIVE customer support, and product short comings.  No wonder why Arlo is not doing well and loosing ground to competitors. 


Based on my experiences, I do not recommend Arlo.