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Arlo vms3430 base offline and no power

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My Arlo cameras have been operating with no issues for 2.5 years. All of a sudden the base station went offline.

I have deleted and redefined all cameras. Worked for a few hours. 

I have done a factory reset and redefined the base station and cameras. 


Troubleshooting results are variable..Upon plugging it in to power: 

Sometimes no lights at all. Dead. 

Sometimes I get an amber light, quick flash of all green then goes blank (no lights)

Sometimes amber only

Sometimes I give up and several hours later it comes alive on its own, but then dies again shortly. 

Once or twice I did get it going but then it died within an hour.  


I found another thread here somewhere that it suggested to try a different power cord with the wattage/ampage the same. I did this (after having to tear apart my house looking for one..) , and I had the same inconsistent results. 


It was suggested I open a support ticket, but the Support links all point to the Community, or Knowledge Base, phone or Chat.

I want to open a ticket via a form or email. Where is the link for that? 

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If you plug in the base, the power led should go amber to green...

To be honest , sounds like the base has gone south ( warranty is one year )

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