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Arlo base station stays armed when scheduled to be disarmed

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Note: my Base station is the VMB3010r2 with 4 'ordinary' Arlo camera's. Since several weeks my system at a certain point in time stays in the -alarmed- mode while the planning has been set up it should alter to another -disarmed- mode. What I have done to check for any causes for this: - restart the system - to re-plan in the app, - to re-plan in the browser, -all of the above with and without using Geofencing - to throw away the app > re-plan in the browser > install the app again without touching any settings (in the app). The real magic is that not all of my 4 camera's behave according to this malfunction. In other words, sometimes only camera #1 stays unintentionally armed while the other camera's behave according to the planning and are -correctly- unarmed. But another day this happens with camera #2, #3 OR #4 and #1 behaves according to the planning. The settings of all 4 camera's are the same, there is no dependency configurated (there was, but I removed that along the analysis path. Which was a problem on its own as in reality the dependency stayed after I deleted this in the app. Only when changing this in the browser it became a success). Any ideas?

Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station