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Arlo Wireless can't resync after router powered off - Fixed

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Had working 3 wireless camera system. After trip, came back and found that router had been powered down, so no internet to base station for several weeks. Powered up router, all looked ok, base station showed power green and internet green leds, but all three cameras were offline. 


Removed one camera, brought it back to base station and did the sync procedure:

1. Opened battery door for about a minute, closed it. Got a blue light flash.

2. Pushed sync on base station once, got a blinking green sync light on base station.

3. Held down camera sync button a second or two. Got an orange blink on camera when I pushed sync, and then, about every 7 seconds, two orange blinks on the camera.


Camera is about 5 or 6 inches from base station when attempting to sync.


Solution: After further thought, I decided to change the batteries. After that the camera synced ok.

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Community Manager



A slow flashing orange LED on the camera is an indication of low/depleted batteries.


I am glad you were able to identify and resolve the issue. You can find more information on the camera LEDs here: What do the different LED behaviors on my Arlo Wire-Free camera mean?