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Arlo VMS3430 - One Camera Only Recording Live & Leaving Library Clips

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Despite the cameras being enabled and having desired filters set, only one camera is recording and saving Library video clips.  I keep finding the filters reset.  How do I correct this?  As the system is now functioning, it is not a reliable system.


Additionally, my Smart phone is also appearing to have given admin status to the pc.  The individual camera icons in the 4-camera setting no longer has the library icon appearing on my Smart phone.  Why?  


Guru Guru

Are you referring to the filter in the library?


For cameras not recording, test by using live view and manually record to see if things work ok. If so, check your modes and verify that they're set properly. I recommend using the PC for this since the app somehow doesn't seem to always show the correct settings for modes, rules and schedule.


The phone has nothing to do with granting access to the PC unless you've set it up in Settings, Grant Access so you use one login for the phone and a different one for the PC. If you use the same login on both, there's no difference between the two.