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Arlo System Offline

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Installed the 4 camera system at my mom's house 3 days ago.  Everything worked fine after having setup issues with updating firmware for base and cameras.  Cameras would say there was a firmware update, click install, then cameras would say there was a firmware update, click install, eventually cameras would say unable to install update and would let me continue setup.  The firmware update number was the number that was already listed on the device info page for the cameras. 


ANYWAY, everything worked fine until yesterday afternoon when the system went "offline".  I'm two hours away, so I called support after trying unsuccessfully to get in contact with Arlo through their "chat".  All I needed from support was "is there anyway to do a remote reboot of an Arlo system?"  I think they said no, but they were difficult to understand.  I'm open for suggestions until I can get back up there and put hands on the system. 


Is this a common problem with the system going offline?  Will a battery backup or anything else prevent this from being an issue in the future?  I'm open to any and all suggestions.  I've got another two weeks to return the system to Best Buy if this is going to be a continuous problem. . .

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If the base is OFFLINE, then you can't remotely reboot it.

The best options I can give;

1) is to use a WEMO outlet ( wifi controlled outlet ) so if you router is online you can toggle the outlet off/on and that will reboot the base.

2) use a UPS on the base so if power goes out the base will not and it will come back when the router does... also the cams will not unsync if off line more than an hour or so


( both esp good for remote location)


As to how often,  i don't think my bases have gone offline more than once/twice a year for short times... like when there was a server issue... I do run a ups on my modem/router/base... A lot depends on your power dependabiltiy

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