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Arlo Q+ not updating images on My Arlo

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We bought 2 Arlo Q plus cameras, which have been great. We would not have bought them if we knew you would not support them after a few years. My usually sign into "my arlo" and we can check the cameras. Now they are not updating, although they say they are on. They don't respond. I'm going to check them out for firmware etc today.


I've read the EOL statement. We don't pay for a plan. If you supported your products we might. 

On IOS we used to use "Arlo Legacy". Now with IOS 17 we get a 303 error or something. Computers do seem to let us in. What app should we be using on IOS? 


Our EOL is extended till 2025, but you imply some things won't work anymore... That seems like a contradiction. What things won't work? 


Your customers might understand if you said: your device is old, so please pay a reasonable amount and they will still work. Your EOL announcement makes us feel like we have no value to you, so why would we buy another of your products? 

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The table in the following link clearly shows that the Q+ was last made in 2019 so you bought old hardware. Firmware for these was last updated April 13, 2023.


There are new replacements for them, the original Essential Indoor as well as the newer Essential 2 Indoor cameras. 


The Arlo Legacy app is extremely old and hasn't been supported for years. Using the latest app is always highly recommended.


EOL does NOT mean they no longer work. You said you read the EOL statement so read it again. There will be a lack of updates and certain features may be eliminated as new software/firmware/hardware is released that causes the old features to be removed so the new ones work. All this is clearly spelled out in the documentation.


As for the cameras "not updating", what have you tried? Did you at least power cycle them?