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Arlo (Original Model) Geofencing "Home Mode" will not stay in ""Custom Mode"

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I have had a 3 camera Arlo since June 2017. I have always used the Geofencing and it has always been a bit unstable.

I have set up a "Custom Mode" for when it is in "Home Mode" and it sets to "Armed" when we are out of the "Home Zone".

I have an Android phone (Sony Xperia) my wife has an iPhone 6. From the very begining, sometimes when we enter the Home Zone, the Geofencing mode set to "Disarmed" instead of the "Custom Mode". When you look into the Geofencing settings the home mode was still in the custom setting!? So, to force it into the correct home mode setting, I'd set the "Home Mode" setting to "Disabled" and save it, then change it back to "Custom Mode" and save again. This seemed to work most of the time.

Recently however, this has not been working. I've been looking into the issue and have tried just about every combination of app deletion, mode deletion, base reset, etc, you can think of, without any change. I have noticed one thing which may or may not be related to the root cause. When the Geofence is in "Home Mode" and it is actually showing the correct "Custom Mode", it will stay OK on the phone that I am currently using at that moment. Then If I log into the app on either the other phone or PC, they will show that the geofencing "Home Mode" is in "Disabled" mode not "Custom Mode". Then when I go back to the original phone which was originally showing the correct "Custom Mode" in geofencing, it had reverted to "Disabled". Yet when you go into the geofencing settings in EITHER of the phone apps they both say that the selected home mode is still "Custom"!? So it appears that the geofencing "Home Mode" is not updating the apps between phones correctly, always defaulting to "Disabled" not the programmed "Custom Mode".

Up to this point I have been relatively happy with the system, even with the original problems. Has anyone else had this problem, is there a solution? This has now stopped me recomending this system and unless it is sorted soon I will be replacing it with a more reliable system!!

Model: VMS3330|Arlo Smart Home