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Arlo Battery Indication

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I have converted one of our Arlo units to work via a 6V dc supply.  Initially, the battery level is shown as 100% but gradually the indicated battery level drops to less than 25% - the voltage output from the DC supply remains at 6V DC.  When I momentarily turn the power supply off and on again, the indicated power level goes back to 100% and then proceeds to gradually fall over a period of 4-6 weeks back down to 25%.

Question - is there an inbuilt timer of some sort which fools us users into changing the batteries - or is there another reason why the indicated voltage level drops with time.

Just curious :-).

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If you really want to know, you may have screwed something up. There is no timer.


First , the cams do NOT run on 6v... they run at a higher level using two sets of 123 cells in parallel.  This give at a min of 7.4 v when the cells are  new ( 123 cells really are 3.2 v each when new ). ( higher with rechargeables for total of 8.4v )

Second, The cams batteries are basically doa at 5.6v which is very near to where you are running , not to mention dc is lossey at small gauge wire over distance.

Third , there is the proper current factor.

Forth, it just may be your power supply is faulty and or you didn't wire up all 4 terminals in cam



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Hi TomMac,

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Firstly - the Arlos we use run on 4 CR123A lithium cells in series/parallel. These are 3V cells giving 6V .

Secondly, I am running the Arlo from a stabilised 6V power supply which varies at most by 0.1V - I know this because I've tested it.

Thirdly, I think you may be suggesting that the current output from the power supply is insufficient.  It is a 6A 6V power supply. The current requirement of the Arlo is trivial in comparison

Fourthly, if the connections in the Arlo are not wired correctly, it either doeswn't work or you get a 50% reading on the battery indicator.


I'm still curious and no I haven't screwed things up - the Arlo works perfectly and all that happens is that running from a stable 6V power supply, the battery indication on the App gradually drops over a period of weeks when the actual volatge to the unit stays absolutely stable.