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Arlo Base station sighting

Hello community,


I am looking to install the Arlo camera system around my home and would like some clarification regarding the sighting of the base station, please help with the following questions:

  • Does the base station have to be connected via an ethernet cable to the home router, or can it work wirelessly?
  • How far from the cameras can the base station be placed and still work, as the house is rather large (26m long X 10m wide)?
  • At what range from the base station will the cameras still work?
  • What speed of connection do the cameras require to function correctly?  

Thanks in advance

Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station
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Re: Arlo Base station sighting

1) The Arlo and Arlo PRO require a base unit connected to the ethernet port of your router for internet

Only the Q cameras hook directly into your home wifi and operate wirelessly


2) Depends on the building materials and other metal type objects in the path ( duc work, mirrors, etc ) but the signal is normal wifi at 2.4ghz from the base units


3) in theory, line of sight , max is 300ft... but re #2 it could be as low as 30 ft... My run from 15 to 65ft away from the base with full signal

PS to assist with this, you can centrally locate the base for best signal to all cameras


4) min upload speed recommend is 1Mbs ( u/l usu being the slower of the two )

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