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Any tips on getting a good promo for a subscription?

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So I was on the free trial for a while and had increasingly enticing subscription offer notifications in the app. At one point I got a 50% off offer, then a Boxing Day 60% off offer, and I was going to sign up but the app UI wouldn’t let me enter a code because of a UI quirk so I just gave up. I realized later that I had email offers turned off in my account so I never got email offers. Now my subscription has run out and I don’t miss it terribly, I can still access my door bell and camera videos from the hub, but if I got 50 or 60 off I would probably go for it. Yesterday I got a 25% off offer, the first one since my plan ended. Is there a pattern to these offers? Do they send better offers when you hold out? Do they come randomly, or at certain times of year? Any tips are welcome.

Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

HI @norafrase84


Arlo may periodically send out Offers/Holiday discounts. You can keep up to date with these through your email as well.