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Re: All phones "Unavailalble" in geofencing mode.

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Another geofencing post! Imagine that!


Well, it's broken and has been for a while, but just not bothering to post since it seems this is a problem NetGear doesn't care about, but here we go..


Geofencing oringally was working okay, but of course now all phones show 'unavailalbe' with the exception of one Pixel 2 that it sometimes sees as a 'out of zone', but since starting to troubleshoot it just now it's gone 'unavailalbe' like the rest.  It was never in zone anyways even when it's in the freaking house.


I really do not understand why this is so hard to fix, especially seeing as this problem has been going on for years at this point.  Yes, I've tired every stupid thing support has suggested elsewhere, none of it works.   At this point, unless someone for NG support steps up, this will be the last set of arlo devices we get, and will post reviews on Amazon and elsewhere about this issue - Basically if you want to use geofencing look elsewhere as Arlo's is a lie for a lot of folks.

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Arlo Moderator



  Have you tried contacting customer support regarding this issue? I have attached the link here for you - Arlo Tech Support