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After power outage this week, cameras are not reconnecting automatically. Help?

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About 6 months ago a had to exchange a camera under warrenty because it did not automaticly reconnect when the station reset. Now after losing power this week finding out 2 more cameras are starting this issue. I can understand maybe one camera being a one off and having this issue. Now going on 3 of my 4 cameras! How is the quality so horrable with these cameras?

I was thinking after having a good 5+ months with no major issues these cameras the issues were worked out. I was thinking about adding a Pro camera setup and use my standard cameras too. If I know these cameras are going to fail a little after a year why should I?

I should not have to undo the battery door to get my cameras working every time the station resets or looses power.

Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station
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I would strongly suggest using a UPS for your modem, router and base to prevent these issues. It also allows you to continue to monitor your home during a power outage since your Internet connection remains up during that outage.