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ARLO Invite Does Not Play Video

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ChefDanny Aspirant

I bought a 2 camera ARLO system. Downloaded the ARLO App and it works fine. I purchased a single camera ARLO system for my son who lives out of town. He installed it, downloaded the ARLO App and it works fine. He sent me the invite to view his camera and recorded images. I accepted his invite. I do not see his camera on my ARLO App, only my cameras. ARLO also sent a browser link. When I click the link I can see my 2 cameras and his 1 camera as a static image. I cannot play the video or recorded images. How can I get his camera to work on my ARLO App and play?

Guru TomMac Guru

Did your son grant you "rights" to the level of access

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ChefDanny Aspirant

The new software push solved the shared camera problem AND created another that I posted.