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50% off an Arlo System -excuted VueZone customer



I am one of the VueZone expandable customers that Arlo descided to through out of the window ( they did not stand behind thier product for some reason) anyhow and they are might or not feeling some guilt about this so i recieved this email that state "To thank you for your continued support, we are exclusively offering you the option to migrate to an Arlo system with a significant discount. From now until June 27, 2019, you can receive 50% off an Arlo System of your choice of up to two cameras. Please login here to redeem your offer"

when i click on the link and sign in to myvuezone there is another link kinda on top center state "Click here to Claim your offer" and when i click on that it takes me to this "" i mean whoever behind this is probably having a laugh.. and it is a good joke but a mean one ... takes you through links and signins to lead you to (( Denied))

Oh well... was thinking to ask you guys about this and see if anyone would like to chime in is this a spam or Arlo dont have thier **bleep** togather striaght?





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Re: 50% off an Arlo System -excuted VueZone customer

It's prob not spam as this offer was extended back in the day ( 2 yrs ago ) and now that Vuezone is closing it was offered ( TMK ) to left over Vuezone customers as it is closing down...


I would contact Arlo support directly id the link isn't working.

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Re: 50% off an Arlo System -excuted VueZone customer



I will reach out to you in a private message to gather more information on this issue.



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Re: 50% off an Arlo System -excuted VueZone customer

yeah i did contacted Arlo and There has been nothing new about this except the same run around.

The link to claim the offer ...still takes me to access denied

I received a case number #40929963- and followed by an email requesting further information; when use the link provided so I can share the additional information they need the link will take me to blank page that says ( Token is Invalid)

called customer support  at 408-638-3750 and spoke to guy name "John" which was lost 30 minutes later he said he spoke to some people and they will take care of it... asked him to update the case number with his notes ....but apparently Arlo hire the best ... the following day I received a new case number#4093560 which followed by a call from a very rude girl who kept yammering about god know what ( significant accent).... i explained the issue like 3 time and as if she was reading a script and so I confronted her and asked that she stop reading the script and answer one my questions and to that she answered ( I don’t understand what you are saying) the only thing i got out of the call that she will call me with update in the next 48 hours when the issue is resolved.

today I called again (significant accent) noise in the background as if she is talking to me from a coffee shop in a bazar ... I didn’t even get the name... provided my case number and 5 minutes later she asked what is the serial number of my base station ... obviously Arlo hire the best... she didn’t even bother reading the case notes ( why the hell there is a case number) she asked for time to read the case number and then came back to say she will connect me to the proper department ... here I am sitting 40 minutes later .... Nothing it’s been 7 days since I contacted Arlo about what i believe to be a scam and nobody proved me wrong

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