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5 camera system, no control over the sensitivity.

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This what I posted as feedback to Costco today before reading these posts.  Did I make a purchase error.  Maybe I should take the system back!!


I’m abut worried about this purchase. $749 was a bit much for the 5 camera system to not have control over the sensitivity. I have the cameras outside and around the perimeter of my house. The cameras trigger with bushes moving, bugs flying and distant cars on the street. The first day I received so my texts it took me 20 minutes to clear all the false alarms.

I decided to buy into the $10 subscription with the 30 day free trial today. It’s supposed to allow me to specify trigger zones to reduce false alarms. I’m going to try this for a while and see if it significantly reduces the false triggers. If not I’m afraid I’ll have to return the system, cancel the subscription, look again at the competitors or just buy a dog or something. The next question asks if I recommend this system to a friend. At this point, based purely on my “out of box” customer experience I’m going to have to go with a no on that,  primarily due to advertised expectations for the price. Feedback to Netgear, charge me more for the system but make it work out of the box. Don’t  make pay, then surprise me with an annual subscription that makes it work as advertised.

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Camera sensitivity can be adjusted within the rules for your camera. Log in to your Arlo account and navigate to Mode > click the ">" to edit the active mode > click edit next to the desired rule > click ">" next to motion is detected. This will allow you to adjust the camera sensitivity using a slider, the higher number makes the camera more sensitive.