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new iOS Arlo app = feedback

Hi @JamesC @JessicaP 


Can you please also let Arlo know with the new iOS Arlo app that when someone presses our doorbell and we either miss the doorbell call or take the call it does not show up in our phone call log anymore at all.


When we used the 'old/legacy' Arlo app it showed missed or answered calls from the Arlo doorbell.


Can they also take this oppurtunity to incorporate the features I requested a few weeks back to have the red circle missed call indicator on the iOS 'phone' app and when someone presses the doorbelll it also rings the users Apple Watch.


@JessicaP I did read your reply on my suggestion about that but it does not allow me to reply.  Just because on my iPhone lockscreen it shows smart notifications from Arlo that a person was at the camera and I do have the motion detection setup on my doorbell as well but I receive those when someone delivers mail for example since the doorbell is very close to the mailbox so that is not a good indicator that someone rang the doorbell obvisouly. 


thank you both!!!!

Model: VMS5240 | Arlo Ultra 2 Camera Kit
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Re: new iOS Arlo app = feedback

Also with new app there are no more in/out notifications with geofencing why must a company with a app that works release another app that seams to break to much
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