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Why does every update create a new problem?

I have had this ultra 4 camera plus one 2 of the five are on AC power system since 1-16-19. I have seen and worked though a lot of problems. Why is it every time there is a new update a new problem arises? I'm really getting tired of it....

Model: VMS5440 | Arlo Ultra 4 Camera Kit
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Re: Why does every update create a new problem?



Can you give us some specific details about the problem you're experiencing?



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Re: Why does every update create a new problem?

I'm with you! This last update cause one of my cameras on solar to discharge at about 10% per day! So i'm basically getting 10 days worth of coverage while charging and nothing is being triggered on top of that??? What the actual F?


Then one of the camera's goes offline anytime you try to live stream from it.....what good is that to anyone?


Finally, one is overheating everyday since the update and it's on a solar panel as well. Never had issues when the hottest days of summer were here. Now that it's in the 70's its got problems?


Alro needs to either fire their current Devs and get ones that know what they're doing....or stop working on products besides their cameras. When they were working on cameras and only cameras, they were the best in class. Now that they're branching out, they suck! Eufy's are catching up on them fast, once they get a 4k solution i'm out!

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