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Which issues/problems/bugs are currently being worked on and the estimated "fix" dates

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Whatwasthat01 Aspirant

I waited to see if any additional “fixes” would be provide and my Best Buy’s return date passed. This security camera system's reputation is taking a beating, now, if I wanted to sell the system, it would probably be at a financial lost. The problems I’m still experiencing are the same ones detailed by the others, so I will not repeat them here.  My question is for the Arlo’s Moderator(s). Which issues/problems/bugs are currently being worked on and the estimated "fix" release dates for each? Please, no double talk. I purchased the four camera set along with one additional camera. I also have two batteries and the dual charger on backorder. With that said, I have a financial interest in wanting to know that Arlo plans to provide a truly “ULTRA” security camera system. As things appear now, the Ultra camera system still needs a lot of work. Thank you for your time.

JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager



There have been several firmware releases in the past week or so addressing various isues. You can see these release notes for some details on what has been fixed so far: 


Arlo SmartHub VMB5000 - - 30th January 2019

Arlo Ultra VMC5040 - - 30th January 2019


I'm working closely with the engineering team to identify other issues being reported. I'd like to discuss in a little more detail what you're experiencing. Please send me a private message and we can take a closer look at the issues you're having.



JamSam Star
Sorry to hear you are still having issues. I was definitely a frustrated early adopter, but the last few updates have really cleared things up for me. Hopefully you have the same experience!
Whatwasthat01 Aspirant

Thank you for the encouraging words. I’m hopefully that everything will work out and this product will become a shining star within the home security equipment world.

Whatwasthat01 Aspirant

I believe my question has not been answered. I will re-address my question to anyone with insider's information; "Which issues/problems/bugs are currently being worked on for the Arlo Ultra security system and the estimated fix release dates?" If the date is "unknown", please say "unknown". But let us know, what is being worked on. Before anyone ask me what issues I'm experiencing, I will tell you this, I'm starting to feel I paid a lot of money for a product that is going to be partially functional for the remainder of its life cycle. The features that initially attracted me to this system are the ones with the most complaints. I will say that the initial "fixes" provided by Arlo corrected some blatant problems during the rolled out of the security system for some, but judging from the various posts in the Arlo Ultra community, most are still experiencing issues. Since I’ve invested in this product, I want the Arlo Ultra to be the shining star it presented its self as.