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Ultra cameras won’t detect motion or record

I have 4 cameras but 2 of them have stopped detecting motion or recording. I noticed these 2 cameras positioned in close proximity to each other stopped about 2 days ago. I’ve spoken to Arlo Support and they have done everything to troubleshoot and it’s still not working. I’ve now swapped one of my other cameras that continues to work fine to the location where one of the faulty ones were and now it’s not recording... Both cameras light comes on when it detects motion but not recording or sending any notifications!!! Can anyone help?
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Re: Ultra cameras won’t detect motion or record



Are you using a custom mode/rules for your cameras?


To isolate the issue, try creating a new custom mode, with rules for only one of the cameras that is having an issue, activate that mode and see if you receiving recordings and notifications.



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Re: Ultra cameras won’t detect motion or record

I have exactly the same problem. I am a german user. Since the 31th of July the Ultra stop recording. It detects motion but doesnt report. I tried everything. All other cameras work fine (Arlo Pro, Pro 2, HD). The problem also occurs when only the Ultra is connected. The devices were reset several times and put on again. Even custom modes do not solve the problem. The Ultra runs a few minutes to about a maximum of 1h normal, then the problem occurs. Like other users here in the forum the problem occurs since about the 31st of July. Motion detection test works, light or infrared also works, but there is no motion detection in the app. The camera ran normally for 5 months. Nothing was changed.

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Re: Ultra cameras won’t detect motion or record

Im pretty sure mine stopped working on 31st July also. Same as you, nothing changed. Id only installed this new system a week and a half before. 

Yea well I spoke to Arlo Support last week and did all the troubleshooting with them to no avail. I was told to take back the two cameras as they may have been faulty. What I did after the phone call is I went and got a camera that was 100% working and swapped it with one that wasnt working, and low and behold it also stopped workiing.  I spoke to Arlo support again and told them what else has happened and was told that as it is a new camera system that I need to bare with them while they work out these issues. I would have thought any bugs or issues would have been sorted before it went into the market.... Ive now had to take the 6 cameras and smarthub back for a full frefund as it is completely useless to me in not doing what it is inteneded to do. Ive now gone with a totally different brand that works perefectly fine. Dont think i'll ever buy Arlo ever again. 

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Re: Ultra cameras won’t detect motion or record

Ive tried everything and nothing works. 

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Re: Ultra cameras won’t detect motion or record

I have had the same issue with one of my Arlo ultra cameras starting July 31/August 1. It detects motion, I can toggle the spotlight remotely on and off and through motion and all works correctly. It will just not auto record motion or audio activation. I can manually turn on and it records fine.
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Re: Ultra cameras won’t detect motion or record

Engie97, did you open a case for this with Arlo support?

So Arlo support can see how many people are affected and hopefully that’ll get it fixed faster.

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Re: Ultra cameras won’t detect motion or record

Yep there are now 2 or 3 other threads on this exact issue - and it started at the point of the last SmartHub "update".....


Cameras won't detect motion/record at all.... Rebooting the base station fixes it for a few hours - but its unacceptable to have to do that for a SECURITY CAMERA....


As was suggested - anyone experiencing this issue please call in a support ticket. Don't bank on hearing back from them ever.... but at least its documented and multiple users complaining of the same issue should rise it up on the priority fix list....


@JamesC here's another thread for the same issue.... Its widespread and we would love for it to be fixed ASAP! Thanks for anything you can do to get Tier 2 Engineering (and above) involved to snuff this one out ASAP!

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Re: Ultra cameras won’t detect motion or record

I certainly did and they didn’t seem to give AF. The guy told me to bare with them while they try and work out the bugs!! They should have done all the testing long before it’s out in the market.

I’ve now returned this system and will never ever buy Arlo **bleep** ever again... Absolutely useless.
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Re: Ultra cameras won’t detect motion or record

We purchased the Ultra system on August 4.  We have been disappointed in how the Ultras detect motion.  Given the high cost of this system, we are thinking of taking the system back for a refund.  In our front yard, we previously had a Pro camera which did a good job of detection motion on our driveway and walkway.  We replaced it with an Ultra.  We were having great difficulty in getting it detect us on the driveway well within 25 feet.  We must have spent an hour adjusting it's angle to get it to pick up motion on the driveway.  It does not pickup motion on our walkway. Disappointed.  So, it appears to us that the motion detection range for an Ultra is much smaller than it is for the Pro.  We were going to put the Pro back up (take down the Ultra) but then decided to instead use the Pro attached to metal on the side of the driveway.  We then configured the Pro, that when it detects motions, to also turn on the Ultra recording.  This is basically using the motion detection function of the Pro to get the Ultra to record.  This is really cheating, working around the motion detection shortcomings of the Ultra.  We will give the Arlo softward team a bit of time to resolve the Ultra motion detection issue.  If it fails to, we will take back the Ultra system as there is little point to have an expensive security system that continues to fail to propertly detect motion.  


It is really odd.  We struggled getting the Arlo to detect us on our driveway, yet a few times it detected vehicles out on the road on the far left of it's viewing window.  We have the Ultra set for 180 degrees.  This ended up showing a small part of the road on the very left side of the viewing window.  To our surprise, the Ultra noticed car motion on the road a few time.  The cars would be about 40 feet away from the camera.  Not sure why it could notice this far away motion, yet be challenged in noticing motion within the 25' range.  

Model: VMS5440 | Arlo Ultra 4 Camera Kit
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