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Ultra base station operating temperatures

What is the operating temp range for the ultra base station?  I am considering wiring a cat 6 cable to my garage to get the base station closer to the camera that covers my driveway.  I'm trying to get a full signal to test whether some of the issues will be resolved with my ultra camera.  The arlo pro that this camera is replacing has never had issues with connectivity but the ultra seems to need the station VERY close.

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Re: Ultra base station operating temperatures

It's listed in the tech specs for the camera here. The cameras are rated for -4F/-20C at which point they will shut down, just like the Pro cameras. I assume it's a battery thang but don't know for sure. I can say that having it plugged into AC warms the camera and battery and has kept everything working normally, including charging which should shut off at 32F/0C, down to -2F.


And the distance issues seem to have been addressed by firmware updates. YMMV

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Re: Ultra base station operating temperatures

I appreciate the feedback, but those are the temps for the cameras.  I'm interested in the base station operating temps.  It's not on the spec sheet that shows the temps for the cameras.  My garage is attached and I have a safe place to put the base station (away from any water source) but it's probably in the 20 degrees to 110 degrees range for winter to summer in the garage.  

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Re: Ultra base station operating temperatures

Also, I accidentally clicked the solved button...  Not sure I can reset it.

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Re: Ultra base station operating temperatures

Yer right, base operating temps aren't listed. The temps you suggest should be fine since the base is always running so the low temp at 20F shouldn't be an issue. The high temp could be but keeping the base low would help.

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