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Recorded video shows grey screen

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So here’s the summary
Brought a second hand system, arlo ultra hub & 2 arlo ultra cameras all in pristine condition & original packaging. No marks no discolouration all as brand new! All operated via iPhone 7plus with the latest iOS & latest version of the app.

System reset & made sure everything is updated before setting up

Took a little while to set up but all ok with time - that was the only positive!

Got the cameras set up as wanted them with notification & sensitivities etc sorted but without a subscription plan & without an sd card in so no recordings being taken

The one camera I've found has a constant crackling noise - worked it out for myself that the microphone is defective. contacted arlo support for assistance & to see if warranty would cover replacement...absolutely no help whatsoever, they had me standing on 1 leg hoping up & down Whilst blindfolded at the same time as drinking a bottle of water...Well the amount of things they had me try I may as well have done the hoping drinking etc & it took me to tell them that the microphone is defective - they couldn’t see why it crackled!!

So I thought ok I’ll have to live with the
Crackling as I’m not covered by the warranty transferring to me although the camera is still less than a year old... right moving on...

I’ve had an issue on the other camera where it won’t record to the sd card manually nor will it take snapshots! After discussions on here & via the arlo expert on Facebook messenger with “experts” or whatever they are called & again bit more hoping blindfold etc etc & lots of battery out/in wired/unwired reset turn off etc etc... no resolution! Not being able to manually record I’m not really happy to live without but heyho thought I’d persevere!

Now on to issue 3 & I’m past caring about trying to make contact With gurus/expert as they all seem like tea boys/girls!! So the issue now is I am getting motion activated videos stored on to my sd card but they are just coming up as white boxes & when trying to play them Via my iPhone all I get Is a grey box & nothing else! (Photos attached) Previously they were storing & playing With no issues. Nothing has changed on my phone no updates Or new apps or to the arlo so why the hell have the videos just stopped playing as they were before?

I thought I know I’ll reset my arlo ...the sd card then went to not being available in my library ... eventually it came back but all by itself! Oh & next I find out the crackling camera doesn’t activate motion recordings !!

So I come here to ask anyone know of a decent wireless camera setup available in the UK?? I’ll be sending the arlo back to the seller & getting something else that is fit for purpose & reliable! The build quality of the arlo is 1st class but everything else in my experience is SHOCKING!

Oh & to the gurus/experts I’d welcome that this post isn’t locked so that others on here can feel free to comment should they wish!

Sorry for the rant but I felt the need to share with those considering upgrading to the ultra or so that anyone new who is considering arlo.... well DONT BOTHER!

Model: VMB5000 | Arlo Ultra SmartHub, VMC5040 | Arlo Ultra Wire-Free Camera
Discussion stats
  • 0 Replies
  • 1 In Conversation