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Outdoor charging cable install examples

We're remodeling and I want to use the opportunity to hardwire power to my arlo ultras that are mounted outside. The electrician is talking about installing outdoor USB outlets. That has the potential of being really ugly (especially above front door). Wondering if anyone has come up with an elegant option for hardwiring power to outdoor Arlos. 

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Re: Outdoor charging cable install examples

Ideas are probably as abundant as people.  I chose similar to the electrician by replacing the front and back patio outlets with combo outlet and usb.  For code they are a bit more spendy as they need to be GFI in most States.  On the one end with no power I ran it in through the same place as the directv line. The other end a 25 foot arlo cable reached the plug in by my back porch.  I did have one other idea I may change to and that was to add a usb outlet right above my porch lights since they always have power and only come on with motion.

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Re: Outdoor charging cable install examples

I just bought the 25’ power cables and ran the wire tucked into my siding, and it’s small enough to close it in the upper part of a window to get it inside and plug it in. It did not impact the window or wire, and worked perfectly for all 4 cameras - obviously if you don’t have siding you need to find some other attractive way of hiding the cables
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