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Loud clicking noise

So it seems like when my Ultras switch from regular to night vision it makes a loud clicking noise.  It is loud enough to wake me up.  Is anyone else having this issue? 

Model: VMS5440 | Arlo Ultra 4 Camera Kit
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Re: Loud clicking noise

I have noticed the clicking when the visible light comes on at night; but it is not super loud and both of my Ultras are at my front door and one is right by a window. It shouldn't be that noticable if you are inside. I am not sure of what circuitry they are using to know what is being activated when that happens, but the click from what I can tell is normal. I have turned the light on manually on both cameras and you can hear it.

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Re: Loud clicking noise

When switching to enable or disable night vision, the camera will make a short mechanical "click" sound. This is normal behavior.



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Re: Loud clicking noise

So I have tried turning off the night vision manually in the camera settings. But it keeps reactivating itself. Is this normal?
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Re: Loud clicking noise

There is definitely a bug in the Android App which makes switching off night vision ineffective; especially once you leave the app. IF it turns off in the Android app it will usually reset to on when you leave the app and it will definitely reset to on as soon as the Android app is cleared from the phones recent apps memory. This is the case on the latest version of Android on my Pixel 3 XL.
I had to turn it off via a PC web browser for it to actually turn off & stay off.
I'm not sure about the iOS App.
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Re: Loud clicking noise

I'm also using a Pixel 3. Thanks for the tip, I'll try switching it off from PC.
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