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Battery Needs Charge @ 26% / Charge Fault (Solar)

 It’s 12 degrees out and one camera said it needed charged.


I went and connected a charger and of course it's a little too cold.  Also now it says that it is at 26% charge still. This is probably why I had not charged it earlier and it kind of snuck up on me. 




Another camera I setup with the new solar panel a while back. However it was too cold to charge until a couple days ago. Just wanted to note that when it got warm enough there was a charge fault note and I had to reconnect it to the camera to get it to charge. 


Just hope that doesn't happen every time the temperature dips. 




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Re: Battery Needs Charge @ 26% / Charge Fault (Solar)



Have you experienced the charging fault issue since?



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Re: Battery Needs Charge @ 26% / Charge Fault (Solar)

The solar panel did charge the one camera when it got warm enough the other day with no fault.



However, the one camera that needed the charge at 26% now needed it at 46% this time around.  Despite not charging because being too cold, I plugged the charger in and it started working again.

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