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Arlo ultra camera motion detection triggering and recording even though camera view pinch zoomed

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Aussie_Lad Aspirant

Motion still being detected even though camera view zoomed in, is the motion detection still the original full range independent of the camera field of view?

Also the recordings that are being captured are associated with a fair bit of noise ie passing traffic could this be triggering the detection even though this feature is not selected on the base station and individual camera settings?

finally I believe there is a bug with pinch zoom feature, when you connect to the camera to display the live feed it times out after ~ 10 secs, also when you back out to see the overview of all cameras that one is illegible ie distorted horizontal lines.

Apart from these minor problems so far appears a great product.

Model: VMS5440 | Arlo Ultra 4 Camera Kit
JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager



Pinching and zooming will not reduce the area of detection.


If you would like to limit motion detection to a specific area, try using activity zones or adjusting the angle of the camera to eliminate undesired areas of detection.


For more information, take a look here:


How do I create activity zones with my Arlo Ultra camera?

How do I position my Arlo Ultra camera to detect motion in specific areas?



Aussie_Lad Aspirant
Thanks @JamesC I have already tried turning the camera and changing the activity zones but still get around 40 random triggers per day. Any comments on the additional content of my original thread?
Model: VMS5440 | Arlo Ultra 4 Camera Kit