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Arlo Ultra won’t live stream away from home

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Dukenewcomb21 Star

Hello- I just purchased Arlo Ultra and set them up. I also have 4 Arlo Pro cameras synced to the base. All cameras work just fine when I am at home connected to the same WiFi as the base. When I leave the house OR just disconnect my phone from the home WiFi, I can stream the Arlo Pro cameras without issue but the Arlo Ultra cameras will NOT live stream at all.

Any idea what that could be? I’ve reset the base station, deleted and reinstalled the app etc.

It’s not the phones service bc again the Arlo Pro cameras stream just fine every time. The ultras do not. They just say connecting for about 30 secs before saying “unable to connect”. Very frustrating for having just spent $1000k and concerned maybe it’s because they just released. Without live streaming they’re worthless however.

Yes wireless data is enabled. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.


Guru jguerdat Guru

I just tried and am streaming fine via cell service.

Dukenewcomb21 Star
Really hoping it’s just a fluke and fixes itself soon. The part that’s really confusing is the Arlo Pro cameras streaming with zero issue or delay. If those didn’t work either then i know it would be a connection issue but since those are working fine it’s clearly an issue with the ultras.
JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager



It sounds like this is specific to the data connection on your mobile device. If you connect to a different WiFi network, are you able to stream?


What is your upload/download speeds when using your mobile devices data connection? What kind of device is it (example: iPhone 8, iOS version 12.1.2) and who is the provider?



Bigjames83 Apprentice
I have no issues. My only problem with streaming besides the disconnects is it takes about 10 seconds to pull up a live feed