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Re: Arlo Ultra is too pricy!

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The Arlo Ultra is too pricey in my opinion. A four camera bundle cost $1,000! Yuck! And it doesn't even include the solar panels for that price!? This is like the Apple iPhone all over again LOL. This is not the TV show Dangerous catch. These things shouldn't cost this much, sure there's a 4k camera, two-way audio, solar panel capable, HDR Etc, bells and whistles. But come on man, $1,000 freaking dollars?!


The next closest product is the Argus 2 as far as solar capable security cameras. I inquired/complained to The Argus 2 parent company on Facebook and through their corporate site.  Regarding the main issue that I have with their product. The issue that is stopping me from purchasing is the 15 FPS. Of course I used your product, the Arlo Ultra as reference. since they said that it is not possible with batteries to create a product with higher than 15 FPS, I pointed out your product and the fact that it does do higher than 15 FPS on batteries... so, they can't turn around and tell me that it's not possible, I know otherwise... price wise for $130 which includes the solar panel it's not a bad price. The thing is I told them, they should up the fps to at least 25 FPS.  using a slightly larger battery pack would remedy the higher frame rate issue.


 So in conclusion, you guys have a fantastic product but they have an excellent price point. Maybe you guys can  learn something from each other.

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Why do you think you need more than 15 FPS?  Between 10 and 15 is usually good for surveillance cameras. That's what I have my hard-wired Axis cameras set to.  Higher rates can cause issues with remote viewing and mobile devices.


When it comes to Arlo, I'd much rather see them halve the frame rate and give us less compression for better quality video.

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Sorry but Americans moaning about prices really gets my back up, you get everything so much cheaper than us in UK, the four camera at Amazon here is $1481.59! And it has been the same price ratio on all the Arlo range, we really get ripped off here! We didnt even get the Costco deal a few months back.
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@st_shaw wrote:


Why do you think you need more than 15 FPS?  Between 10 and 15 is usually good for surveillance cameras. That's what I have my hard-wired Axis cameras set to.  Higher rates can cause issues with remote viewing and mobile devices.



How do you like your Axis cameras?

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@Paul_FCCL wrote:


How do you like your Axis cameras?

I think they are great. The platform is very open so you can do what you want with them.  Night vision is excellent using the built-in IR.  WDR is excellent. Image quality is excellent. I can read my license plate 45 feet away on my 1080p camera. The pixel-based motion detection works better than any camera I've used (but still produces false alerts from heavy wind, etc.) A PIR detector can be added and some cameras include a built-in PIR.


I use the cameras with Axis Camera station and record continuous and motion detections to a PC on the LAN.  I can view recorded video remotely from a PC, iPad, or iPhone.


The only caveat is the cameras have lots of features, like multiple video streams and auto track/zoom, and it's very easy to overload the cameras if you try to use too many features at once (bogging down the frame rate).



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There are people in a business that figure out supply and demand and if they do their job right they set appropriate prices to maximize profits.

They haven't sunset their other products yet so they still cover some other price points.

People have already purchased the system so obviously some people are willing to pay the price.

I don't think you have any sales data so I'm not sure you could make an accurate call on it being too pricey.
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I just have one going (companion bullet le) so far pretty happy with it, works very well along with Arlo Pros, for added and more reliable security. Still trying to figure out all the features, very complex. Haven’t been able to get notifications emails going yet. Very happy with practically no false triggers, motion detection is incredibly good, never misses! Planning on adding more......where there is power source.



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I have an M1065-L, P1435-LE, and Q3517-LVE. The M1065 is 1080p, but the image quality is not as good as the other two.The various image and stream settings can be confusing, but you can ignore them if you setup the camera via the VMS. I have the M1065 set to record based on the built-in PIR rather than on pixel motion detection. That's setup in the "Axis Camera Station" VMS using the camera's PIR as a digital I/O port and as the recording trigger. Email alerts can be setup similarly in Camera Station. You can also setup triggered recordings to network shares, recordings to SD card, FTP uploads, etc. directly on the cameras.


The Companion cameras and VMS have a different interface and I'm not sure what you can do with it.